All sales are final except in the event a product is damaged during shipment. In that case if necessary we will replace your purchase with a new unit (and have you return the product originally shipped to you). As well any defective products will be promptly replaced with return shipping paid by us. Please return in original box with original packaging.

If you order a product and decide upon receiving it you would like to return it within the first 3 days (before you install it) we will accept your return but you must call us before returning to get a return code from us. Once you install and use a product however briefly it is not returnable.

Once you unpack and install a product (and run water through it) we do not accept returns. There is one exception: we will accept returns of the Countertop RO after you have tried using the product if you’re not happy with it. But again you must call and get a return code before returning the product to us.

The whole house conditioner (T5000) and the under counter distiller are returnable with a 15% restocking fee if never installed and never connected to water. Once either of these products are connected to household water they are no longer returnable. We guarantee their proper operation of the unit we sent you or to replace it at our cost.