T5000 with Chlorine Removal (CarbSoft) ($250 shipping fee)


Product Description

Just how much better is this system really if you have chlorinated water at home?  The Answer: there isn’t any chlorine removal system sold anywhere that works as well as this; and unlike other systems it works maintenance free!  Here’s why.  When we build your T5000 to remove chlorine from your household water the twin tank design assures that one tank can always provide clean water (conditioned with chlorine removed) to backwash accumulated chlorine from the carbon filter of the other tank.  That means we’re taking the chlorine that gets trapped in the carbon and flushing it down the drain on a periodic basis to keep your granulated carbon completely clean and ready to remove more chlorine.  Single tank systems backwash their carbon with the same dirty unconditioned chlorinated water that got the other guy’s carbon filter saturated with accumulated with chlorine in the first place.  Eventually single tank systems promising to remove household chlorine simply stop effectively removing chlorine until you replace all their granulated carbon with new granulated carbon.

Read the fine print on a single tank chlorine removal system; or read the fine print from any single tank water softener equipped with a carbon overtank or side tank full of carbon to remove household chlorine.  At some point the single tank system will stop removing chlorine until you go to the expense and trouble of replacing all the granulated carbon inside its tank with new granulated carbon. You’ll find that warning written somewhere in the owners manual of your single tank system if it’s equipped to remove chlorine from your household water.  Single tank systems can become ineffective at removing chlorine from your household water in as little as 12 months.  On the other hand we have T5000’s that have been in use for 15 years still removing 100% of household chlorine today without ever having replaced the original granulated carbon.  That’s a big deal!  There are no other water conditioners that can make that claim!

It’s true there are a few other two tank systems that are designed to remove household chlorine.  So how do other two tank chlorine removal systems compare to the T5000?  The answer is they can’t compete!  Here’s why.  All other two tank systems flip-flop from one tank to the other using only one tank at a time. The T5000 uses both tanks at once which means you really have more than twice the amount of chlorine removal protection compared to all other two tank systems.  Each tank on the T5000 already has more granulated carbon than any other two tank system.  More important your household water as it moves through the T5000 is moving only 1/2 as fast through its filter medium compared to what happens inside other two tank flip-flop systems.  That’s because when you take a shower only 1/2 of your shower water is moving separately through each tank of the T5000’s two tanks and is therefore moving at 1/2 the speed and being exposed for twice as long to the conditioning benefits inside its tanks compared to ALL other available single or two tank systems.  This is a very big deal and not just for chlorine removal!

The T5000 with Chlorine Removal also has all the same high performance water conditioning benefits as the T5000 without chlorine removal.

This is an ultra high performance water conditioner and requires use of solar salt 99.1% pure or pure potassium chloride crystals NEVER USE SODIUM OR POTASSIUM CHLORIDE PELLETS OR PRODUCTS CONTAINING BINDERS.

Warranty: 10 year warranty on all parts although this is equal or better quality of any systems offering limited lifetime warranties. If your water is chlorinated you should purchase the T5000 with chlorine removal (CarbSoft Model) to protect your fine mesh resin from chlorine damage.


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